Building a data model based on the LOG_VIEW_USAGE to monitor views usage in SEI


I am trying to build a data model based on the LOG_VIEW_USAGE table from the SEI database and I'm getting the error below when trying to add tables in the data model designer :
Nectari.DAL +++: Index was outside the bounds of the array.+++>> at Nectari.DAL.RequestDAL.SqlGetInfoTables(String envDescription, IDataSource ds, String envId) at Nectari.Services.NectariService.SqlGetInfoTables(String token, String envID, String dataSourceID, IList`1& data, INectariTraceEvent& eventEntity)

The connection set in data sources is fine cause I'm using it in global variables scripts to get the user's email from  dbo.SEC_USERS table and I have the correct result but I don't seem to be able to build a data model based on SEI database.

Anyone tried and succeeded to do it?