• SEI Log in issue

    Hello dears, I have installed sage SEI version 2022 with sage 300 ERP and sage CRM and when its open on the website its shown error like this. Anyone knows what's the issue and how to solve it?
  • Activate License

    Hi, When i try to move my license from server A to server B, the licence first succesfully released from server A. I got this error message in SEI after entering the licence key for activiation: ( Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source) …
  • [SEI] central point not found: We have encountered a server side error. Please contact your Administrator.

    When I access SEI Server: We have encountered a server side error. Please contact your Administrator. Unable to load the Login Options
  • How to setup SAML2 in SEI

    Hi, Please can someone guide me to setup SAML2 in SEI. Also, after we complete the installation would we be able to login with admin user without using SAML2.
  • Sage Enterprise Intelligence Rolling back

    Installation rolls back when the installer get to creating IIS Web client. Any suggestion what I have to look out for?
  • Sage X3 V11 used through https - SEI embedded screens wont open

    Hi I am wondering if there are any other sites trying to run SEI from within Sage X3 V11 that is running through secured https. When using the internal IP address to access X3 the screen looks like this And this is what we get when we use…
  • Where can i download Sage intelligence

    Do i have to pay for this separately . Can someone help me with a guide to install it please
  • SEI add-in Windows 10 PRO 64 bit

    Hi, Windows 10 pro SEI 64 bit addin installs under program files not 86x. When opening excel I get a run-tine 429 error. It happened twice. on different computer even thou I select 64bit install. Anyone know how to fix this ?? Kind Regards …
  • New server

    Hello, We did an install of X3 on the server, with a domain use. Then we move the application to another server, with a different name. Now I am trying to configure the csolution using the console on the new server and I can not do it. I'm using…
  • SEI Installation

    Hi All, We have SEI installed at a client and it has stopped working. When we navigate to the IP:port or DNS:port it does the silverlight load but then just a blank screen. It was working OK and now this. We have restarted all services as well as IIS…
  • "just" adding Excel licenses - process

    A customer did not obtain any user licenses for Excel when they purchased SEI. Now would like to add some. What is the process for "just" adding Excel licenses to the product, please?
  • technical support phone number?

    I need the tech support phone number for X3 SEI if someone can share. I can't find anyone in the normal Sage tech support group who can give this to me. Thanks.