• is it possible to hide 'Column Group Heading' form worksheet?

    is it possible to hide ' Column Group Heading' form worksheet?
  • Grouping in excel

    Is there a way to utilize grouping in Excel inside of an sei add in report? For example, sales by customer and product, group by customer with the option to expand to see the products?
  • Are there Customer Contacts in SEI

    I'm trying to create a report and need customer contacts. Does anyone know if there are customer contacts in SEI?
  • Building a data model based on the LOG_VIEW_USAGE to monitor views usage in SEI

    Hello, I am trying to build a data model based on the LOG_VIEW_USAGE table from the SEI database and I'm getting the error below when trying to add tables in the data model designer : Nectari.DAL +++: Index was outside the bounds of the array…
  • How to fix "Index was outside the bounds of the array." error?

    We are trying to make a pie chart off a data model using the "New View" option. We are getting an error message, "Index was outside the bounds of the array.". Have you seen this message and how do I correct it? Screen shot below.
  • Adding current Date to an SEI Dashboard

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to add a current date widget to an SEI dashboard. I have tried to add a KPI view with a calculated column containing @@CURDATE without success. Best regards, Tarik
  • SEI count of entries in a worksheet

    I have a list of suggested and firm workorders in an SEI worksheet coming from the ORDERS table. Very straightforward. What is stumping me is I'm trying to make a column that counts the number of work orders that have the same product as the current record…
  • Pulling Calculated Values from One Report or Data Model Into another for further calculations.

    I have 2 different reports one is a Statement of Financial Position while the other is an Income statement, how can I get calculated fields value from my Income Statement Into my Statement of Financial Position noting that the IS has it's Data Model just…
  • Copying a View in SEI

    Is it possible? I can copy a process, but not a view?
  • Feature Request: Scheduler to suppress emails when restrictions result in no data

    Hi, My first time posting something here, so I apologize if this is the wrong place for this. Here is the situation. We are using SEI version 8.2.7. When using the scheduler to email out reports, we have a report with multiple users, each with different…
  • Issue Embedding SEI Dashboard into a Sage X3 Home Page.

    I have an SEI Dashboard that I have embedded into a Sage X3 Home Page by creating a Menu item (Gadget). The problem I am having is that the SEI server is refusing the connection when the URL is executed. I'm assuming SEI is looking for credentials but…
  • Script to rename report in Preview

    Hi I have a customized report ZSORDERS I have a script that renames the pdf generated by report (SO#) and saves it in destination.But I need to modify the script so that when the user opens the report in preview the report is renames and the user…
  • How to perform a user audit in SAGE X3?

    We have a customer that needs to audit the activity of one user under SOX compliance. Is this possibel in SAGE X3? We have the Audit trace on tables and fields but this is decreasing performance and growing the database (almost higher than the actual…