• unnecessary lines in excel.

    in the documentation, there is a way to hide the header but not a specific option to hide only the 'Column Group Heading'. And when I exported, it showed 2 unnecessary lines.
  • Expanding All Excel Sections Before Sharing

    When sharing a worksheet via Excel, collapsed items do not show what's under the line, and I'm unable to see the contents under the dropdown. Is there a way to share the worksheet report with all sections automatically expanded by default?
  • Row Level Permissions

    Hi, Can anyone advise how to increase a limit of row level permissions (Parameters --> Users --> Users --> Organisation) in user setup? It is set to 10 in my organisation and I need to be able to add more to some users. Thanks Ania
  • Fiscal Year instead of Calendar Year in reports

    We are trying to create sales reports using a Fiscal Year. I can use the between-date feature to give me the actual dates (Dec - Nov). However, the periods follow the calendar year and not our fiscal year. How do I make it utilize fiscal year instead…
  • InsufficientUserPermissionsException error when modifying SEI data model

    Shared.Objects.InsufficientUserPermissionsException: User doesn't have the permission to perform this action at NectariComponents.Controllers.EnvironmentsManagementController.d__9.MoveNext()
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Hello There; I am facing issue when defining Data Source Definition. Error is prompted as attached. Please help.
  • Running SEI reports using an as of date.

    Hello, In X3 there is a parameter to run certain reports (like AR aging) using an as of date which is very helpful for month end. Is there a way to add this type of parameter to SEI reports?
  • Blue Pop up "Empty" notification

    Hello, I'm getting an annoying pop-up where the notification is empty. I've validated the screen, table, and transactions related to the function, but the message keeps popping. It does not hinder the action or enter the process; I must press ok two…
  • Column Formatting

    I'm trying to set up a value condition on a date field. I picked from the little calendar icon but it's telling me it needs a valid date format? The calendar yields DD-MM-YY. What format is it looking for?
  • Defining a prompt for a field

    I get a warning when trying using "show prompt" on a group dimension. I looked at the admin guide and didn't really see how that was done. Would one of the gurus explain how to add that to the process definition? Version 8 here. Thanks in advance.
  • Calculated Column Total

    Anyone know how to prevent a calculated column total? Would it be better to add the column in Design Process? Version 8 here.
  • Using SEI Excel Addin on multiple computers

    I am sure this is an easy answer. We have been using SEI (only the Excel Addin) for many years - same 2 users and computers. No issues. Recently a few other users have a need to use SEI. My issue is when a different computer (which has the SEI Addin installed…
  • Y Axis Formatting

    Newbie here. I have a graph built but the labels aren't incrementing the way Id like. It's defaulting by 50,000 but I'd like to increment by 10,000.
  • Save View to a Different Folder

    Anyone know how to do this?
  • Organize favorites

    I've created a new folder in Favorites. How do I move what's already there into the new folder?
  • Modifying Process/Models

    Is there a manual or SageU class on this topic?
  • Create a view using week numbers

    Good Morning I have a customer using SEI for Sage x3 (multi-tenant cloud) and still on V8 of SEI. They need to see financial data by week number. Is there a way to add a week number into a process so we can view the data by week instead of just fiscal…
  • Error while trying to create a New environment

    I installed SEI version8.2.6.2 and was trying to configure the environment.Once the script button was clicked I am getting this error. PLease can someone help me as ASAP?
  • Expand only one row and save that way

    Newbie here. How does one save a worksheet where just one row is expanded not all?
  • Drill Down to Different View Types

    SEI 8.2 I don't want to have users use the Link To or Link with Parent Values option when trying to get more detail. I think this will be difficult for user to try to figure out which view to connect to. Can SEI be set up so that when a user drills…
  • Emailing from View not working

    SEI 8.2 This was working but now isn't... From the view results page, click on Sharing-->Email. I enter the necessary info along with an email address and click Send. I get a message that the email was successfully sent but the recipient never receives…
  • Copy Processes to be Used in Another Environment

    Using SEI 8.2.8. I have 3 environments linked to 3 different data sources. Can I copy a process from one environment to another? I tried but when I save the data source in the process properties I get an error that the source cannot be empty. Or, can…
  • Joining Tables with Mismatched Data Types

    I am trying to create view that shows the number of PO receipts per day. The process owner has requested to see days where no receipts were performed in the data. Since there is no data for those days, it is not represented. I tried pulling in the ZCALENDAR…
  • Work center resources

    If my work center is set up as a machine, is the # of resources the: # of machines or the number of people to run the machine ?
  • Work Center Grouping checkbox

    Is this feature used to group work centers together (as if they were connected with a conveyor system) so that the scheduling tool doesn't replace one work center with another, and also keeps the schedule together (split the work order across a couple…