Inter Company transactions/Account

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How do I set up an Inter company account to show as an asset for one company and a liability for the other company.

In other words, there are two companies under one group however the one company is paying for all the expenses of the other company as well? Revenue is also deposited in the one bank account, however it needs to be split between the two because a portion of the revenue belongs to the other company which has no bank account. How do I go about doing that?

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    Good day Mojaji Ntota

    Can you confirm if you want this to be done on a Sage Intelligence report? Which package are you currently working on?  If you are working on Sage 50c Pastel Accounting, the product does not have the functionality that you are looking for. You put through a suggestion for this for future enhancements. Please email your suggestion to [email protected] 

    Please verify or reply and let us know if the advice / suggestion provided was helpful.

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