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Kenya - National Security Fund (NSSF) Contributions Limits increase effective 1 February 2024

The NSSF contribution limits have been increased, effective February 2024.

Below is a summary of the changes:


Tier I contributions:

  • The pensionable earnings cap has been raised from KSh6,000 to KSh7,000.
  • The maximum contribution increases from KSh600 to KSh840 (KSh420 ER + EE).


Tier II contributions:

  • The pensionable earnings maximum has been raised from KSh18,000 to KSh36,000.
  • The maximum contribution increases from KSh2 160 to KSh4 320 (KSh2 160 ER + EE).


Take note: There is no tax file update for this change, we recommend that you review the limits on your NSSF contribution Method of Calculation.

Should you require assistance with applying any changes, please contact your Sage accredited Business Partner.