Backup Over Server


Good afternoon,

We recently acquired a NAS device, specifically the Synology DS220j. We have equipped it with 8TB of storage and configured it for RAID 1, effectively providing us with 4TB of usable space.

Our primary goal in setting up this NAS device was to alleviate storage constraints on our laptops by transferring all our data to the server.

Currently, I am facing a challenge while attempting to create a backup for one of our clients while our payroll system is actively running on the server. To better illustrate my situation, I have attached some images for reference.

I kindly request your assistance in guiding me on how to perform data backups and full backups while the server is in operation.

Thank you for your support.

Program and version I am using while running on the backup server.

When trying to make the backup. I made sure to map the drive to the backup drive and not use \\server

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