• Report with list of Users,roles,group and badges

    Hi all, I am currently looking into a report or some sort of information where i can see a report with list of Users,roles,group and badges and their function profile and menu all on one report. Perhaps is it a SQL query, any idea and tip welcomed.
  • Syracuse impossible to read the passphrase

    Hello I've installed the Syracuse package on Red Hat Linux and configured it to run as the user 'sagex3'. Now, I need to modify all Syracuse service files to run as the 'root' user. However, upon attempting to start the Syracuse service, I encountered…
  • DateTime Created 2 hours behind server datetime created

    Good day SQL and Application server date/time is correct, but in the transactional tables the date/time is 2 hours behind. End user PC datetime is also correct. How is this possible?
  • Sagex3 v12 linux services systemctl

    Hello, after installation of sagex3 in redhat i noticed all services in /etc/systemd/system not working so i need to lunch for exemple adonix from management console in windows have you any exemple of files to start / stop all services sgaesx3 ? …
  • Accruals and Amortization

    Hi Fam, Anyone who has an idea of how Sage X3 handles accruals of expenses and revenues. Say for instance prepaid electricity expense. As well, how does the system handle amortization of these prepaid expenses?

    I have issue sending request approval to more than one users on sagex3 using office360. the workflow will send mail to the first approval but second approval will not receive any mail to process. Note: client want only dedicated email setup on smtp…
  • DBMS tools installation path issue

    I am facing an issue while connecting the DBMS tools installation path, although I get the path automatically but when I select that I see the error (attached below) . I have added the version and sql path in the solutions.xml file but still no luck…
  • invoices are validated, but are not shown in the "PRTSCR" / "GLCOM" report

    I have a problem with the printing when I print "PRTSCR" / "GLCOM" the consultation of the third-party account, I cannot find some validated invoices (invoices are validated, but are not shown in the "PRTSCR" / "GLCOM" report)
  • SSO configuration Error

    Hello, I'm trying to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Sage X3 and Keycloak. However, when I test it, I encounter the following error message: 2023-08-03T13:44:55.854Z | 0f44e55b9fd5 | | 264 | login.auth | error | dispatcher /auth/saml2/SAML2/loginStart…
  • Keeping PR lines from consolidating in RFQ

    Hi, Is there a way to keep the PR product lines as it is in RFQ when the PR lines are selected in RFQ instead of consolidating. Also when PO is created from RFQ, the Product Lines should not consolidate. Thanks & Regards, Shruti Triad Software…

    Please i need help on sagex3, how can i attach source document to a transaction on sagex3. I observed that sagex3 only allow text and scan image format. How can i attach a pdf format document to a transaction on sage x3.
  • Sage Integration AI

    Hello All, I want to know about Sage X3 AI compatibility, what are the new updates regarding the AI integration with Sage X3 and how this will be useful for business and helpful to the users.
  • Error When loading the list of folders

    Hello , I have installed two new Sage X3 v12 servers with an Oracle database. Server 1 has a database "adxadmin" and an X3 application server, while server 2 uses "syracuse" and an "adxadmin" "documentation" . However, when I try to add the documentation…

    Good day, We have recently upgraded to a new patch level, and we have a single user is experiencing this error. We are using Google Chrome, and when I login using their profile, the error cannot be replicated. Any thoughts as to what this error…
  • Toolshop tracking in Manufacturing

    Hello, I use today Sage X3 in my company to track supply chain flows and manufacturing. In addition of my production main flow of manufacturing I have also a toolshop that is producing daily some tools from raw materials and for this toolshop I would…
  • Is it possible to do accounting cancellation even when journal was created?

    Hi, Someone please assist to respond a concern am having. Am asking if its possible for user to do accounting cancellation for a transaction which was posted and validated ie journal was already created? Regards, Emmanuel

    Good day All, Please how can I resolve the issue of purchase request cancelling before line manager append their signature
  • Unified auditing in Oracle 12c and X3 v12

    Good day everyone Unified Auditing is a new feature on Oracle 12c which one of my client wish to enable. What is required from V12 X3 setup/config to allow the feature to be enabled. Currently X3 is not functioning when this feature is enabled.…
  • Automatic PO Management

    Couldnt able to delete Dimension. We have automatic PO Management & the PO No has to generate in P22 ie. 22 refers to Fiscal Year, but when we generate Sales Order & click on back to back it generates P23 Purchase order. Kindly help.
  • Function not defined for the value given

    After increasing length of DES Data Type to 250 and Validating. After I close X3 and re-open I cannot get into any function. I receive these errors: Function not defined for the value given
  • Sage x3 upgrade from version 12.0.14 to 12.0.30

    Please i need help. i installed sage x3 version 12.0.30 and import sage x3 folder from version 12.0.14 but i have error at the point of creating endpoint "error Create session error: X3 engine error: GLONAREL: Variable Non existent info. No data dedicated…
  • How to store Blob image's type in a table ? / Comment stocker le type d'image Blob dans une table ?

    I created a custom screen where I am displaying images related to drivers. I am using a datatype of ABB, Graphic object of Photo.I have an issue on how to store those images. I know that it is stored in the CBLOB table. In the screen ITM1 there is the…
  • Too Many Analytical Distributions (maximum 300) Currency NGN Company DVE Ledger Legal Site

    Hello All, Please i need your help, i tried close a financial year and i got the message below. Too Many Analytical Distributions (maximum 300) Currency NGN Company DVE Ledger Legal Site
  • Patch Upgrade 12.0.20 => 12.0.30

    Hello, I need help with a question is it possible to upgrade our sage x3 release from 12.0.20 directly to 12.0.30? or or do I need to upgrade patch by patch ? appreciate the quick response Regards A.K
  • Period Closing

    My client is having this issue while closing period. Is there a way to solve this issue without deleting the transaction?