Finding Missing .SAI, .SAJ, .CAB files and more

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The following is based on the Windows 7 platform. Windows 10 screens may differ. Here's How to Search for Files and Docs on Windows 10. Overall, the concept is similar across platforms.

File Searching

To File search, first select the location you'll be searching and then be as specific as possible with the file name or file type extension be it .SAI, .SAJ, .CAB, .MP3 etc.

The Windows explorer screen is shown below. This is the main screen from which to view all of your files and documents.

*Tip: The easiest way to find a lost Sage 50 Database is to search for the .SAJ folder.


Using Windows Explorer

Organizing search results and files by detail so you can view the date and location.

 *Tip: don't close the search window otherwise you'll have to redo the search.

Copying the file path

When trying to copy the file location, right click on the file and go to Properties (avoid "Open in new window," this opens a bunch of random database contents).

On the Properties screen you'll be able to highlight the location path, then just right click it to copy.

Opening another Windows Explorer Screen

See your start menu or look for a folder icon along your taskbar as shown in the screenshot below. Right-clicking on the folder then selecting Windows Explorer will launch a new separate window in which to go to the file location.


A shortcut to go to a file path location is to paste the file path (copied from the properties window earlier) into the file location field as shown below.