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Sage 50—Canadian Edition: Now is a great time to reach support! / Sage 50—Édition canadienne: C’est le moment idéal pour contacter le soutien technique!

In our current situation, which finds many of our customers are working in a limited capacity, the wait times to speak to an analyst via Chat or phone are as low as they have been in a long time. If you have an ongoing issue to address or lingering question on how to best use your Sage 50 program, now is the time to contact us!


Dans notre situation actuelle, beaucoup de nos clients travaillent dans une capacité limitée et les temps d'attente pour parler à un analyste par clavardage ou par téléphone sont aussi bas qu'ils l'ont été depuis longtemps. Si vous avez un problème à résoudre ou une question persistante sur la meilleure façon d'utiliser votre programme Sage 50, c’est le moment idéal pour nous contacter!

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  • Bonjour. Je cherche du soutien technique sur un fichier à réparer. Merci.

  • Hi Mallard

    I am getting a bad key file notice

    My ID number is 4000316855

    Can you help me

  • in reply to Marlene Black

    Hi Marlene I have reached out to our Services team and they are scheduling a call-back for tomorrow.

  • I was just on hold on the phone for one hour then they hung up.  THIS IS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE

  • I have a problem with Sage 50 that I can't believe you can't correct. In Payables, when I pay one of my suppliers using a credit card...I can't print a copy of that payment. When I try to print it a message appears saying that you can't print credit card payments. I have complained about this for years now and Sage just says it isn't an important issue. They don't seem to realize that a lot of small businesses pay their suppliers using Visa or MC. I sometimes wonder if Sage understands how small businesses in Canada are run!!!

  • Bonjour. J'aimerais savoir si je peux désinstaller les applications Sage 50 Comptabilité versions 2018 et 2019 sans qu'il y ait de conséquence. Mes données pour ces années seront-elles quand même disponibles? Je voudrais faire de l'espace sur mon PC

  • I have recently added new password codes for new employees using Sage Canadian Edition.

    My previous passwords allowed us to see a pop up, showing the Journal Entry, as the last step of entering a transaction. We found that very useful.

    The new passwords don't have that pop up, can you help me set this up again?

    Thank You

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    Hi @doug, thanks for reaching out. In the future, see the top left area of the Sage 50 CA General Discussion Forum to select a +New discussion topic.

    Sage 50 CA does have a software limitation with printing payments to vendors. See KB 12272 here for workaround details. Unfortunately, workaround 1 (involving a screenshot) is still your best option. Since payments will generate the message:

    I've forwarded your comments onto a Senior Analyst of the Sage 50 CA support team who will check in with our R&D team about this feature's enhancement status. Will update with any news.

    Warm Regards, 

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    Sage has an enhancement request at the moment to address this issue. We look forward to testing this for an upcoming release. See article It will be updated once implemented. Thanks for the post. If you have any other enhancement requests, please post them on

  • I have been unable to login as single user for over a week, so no updates and unable to download my payments.  Is there an issue with Sage?  ID 4000664436  Jody

  • in reply to JWTimber

    Hi , the team is working to update this article titled "Sage 50 crashes without error when opening a file that has pending Invoice Payments in single user mode" with new details. Seems the workaround is still the only option. Please see the conversation happening over here. We'll share any news on a fix as soon as it's available.

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    Thank you!

  • Bonjour,

    J'ai acheté ce produit hier et je l'ai installé.  Cependant, il me demande de choisir un fichier lors du démarage ?  Je voudrais créer une compagnie dans le logiciel....  Je n'y arrive pas.


    Nataly Dion

    514 758-0376

  • in reply to Nataly Dion

    Bonjour ,

    Pour votre prochaine question, svp posez votre question sur ce forum pour Sage 50 CA Soutien Technique afin que les autres utilisateurs de ce logiciel la voient et puissent vous donner leur avis.

    Si vous avez le menu départ, sélectionner "Creer une nouvelle entreprise".

    L’entreprise fictive de Sage 50 Canada. Sur Windows 10  et 11 est au emplacement : C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Simply Accounting\20xx\Samdata \(Version)xxxx\Universl.sai

    Voici un blog sur comment récupérez votre écran d'accueil Sage 50. Cet article anglais vous guidera également dans le processus.

    J'espère que cela vous aide!

  • Hello, I'm using Sage 50 Premium Accounting on widows 11 with 2 monitors. Everything works perfectly except a few simple reports like a gl statement. It freeze completly (with a hidden page). I'm able to close the request with ALT + space + M, but the only solution that I found is to switch on a signle monitor to create the report. I made many researches and tried many keebord combinations, but it didn't resolve my problem. Somenone has the answer? Thanks

  • I would like to know if there is a way to bring up outstanding accounts payable invoices that need to be paid and do a batch cheque run to pay them.  

  • Hello, 

    I am trying to download the student version of SAGE 2021 to my computer for a college course. 

    Have not received the serial number or code which was promised 48 hours after registration. 

    Please let me know when I will be getting this code as this part of the course is due. 


    Ryan Coutts, 

  • Comment Fermer mon compte Sage 50 en lingne et activer ma version sur PC

  • Comment fermer mon Sage 50 en ligne et Activer ma version d'essaie sur PC

  • in reply to Maxime Vermette

    Bonjour ,

    Si vous utilisez Sage 50 Canada, svp posez votre question sur ce forum pour Sage 50 CA Soutien Technique afin que les autres utilisateurs de ce logiciel la voient et puissent vous donner leur avis. Je vais déplacer ce message dans ce groupe de soutien.

    Voici aussi un blog avec 6 étapes pour déplacer des données ou connecter Sage Comptabilité à Sage 50 CA