Sage 50 bank rec first time


We started Sage 50 June 1, 2023 with an existing trial balance from May 31, 2023. I entered all the previous A-R and A-P and trial balance and outstanding cheques and receipts and still have unallocated funds. what and where do i search for them please

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    Hi  ,

    Thanks for reaching out. Did you ever find an answer for this issue? If you are still looking for guidance, you can add your outstanding transactions in Sage 50 by following these steps:

    1. Click Add Prior Outstanding on the Reconciliation & Deposits window.
    2. Set the date (Show Resolved Trans. On or After) as far back as the oldest prior outstanding transaction.
    3. Select the transactions from the Resolved Transaction section and click Add.
    4. If the transaction doesn't exist, click Insert Outstanding and manually enter the transaction details.
    5. Repeat for additional transactions as necessary and click OK.

    For a detailed step-by-step guide, you can refer to this link.

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