importing an RBC Commercial Visa statement


Hi everyone. Does anyone import Visa statements and use an RBC Commercial Visa account? I have downloaded the OFX file from our bank. When I import it into Sage, it tells me we're about to upload 437 transactions. Which seems about right. However, only 107 transactions get uploaded. These are all the transactions for one card. This commercial visa account has multiple cards all under one account/umbrella. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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    Hi  ,

    Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the delayed response. I understand you reached out to Support and were having an issue with importing a credit card statement from RBC into Sage 50, where only transactions from one card are getting uploaded even though the OFX file contains transactions for multiple cards under the same commercial account. This seems to be a known limitation with how Sage 50 processes these types of combined account statements.

    A few suggestions that may help:

    1. Check if your bank can provide separate OFX files for each individual card instead of a combined file. This would allow you to import each card's transactions separately.
    2. Try the steps from the knowledgebase article "I am not able to re-import online statements" to clear out the previous partial import, then re-import the full OFX file.
    3. If those steps don't work, you may need to manually enter the missing transactions for the other cards.
    4. Reach out to Sage support for further troubleshooting if you continue having issues. They may be able to provide additional guidance.

    Let me know if you have any other questions! I'd be happy to look into this further or suggest any other potential workarounds.

    Warm Regards,