Entries made in account are not showing up in reconcile accounts

hello I am making my entries in Banking, using the correct account, correct dates, etc and they all show up correctly in my general ledger, but when i go to reconcile account, there is nothing there except the first entry. 

I have been using Sage for many years and have not run into this issue before. 

I even deleted and reentered them and still no change.

Please help


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    Is the bank account set for Reconciliations and has the first reconciliation been fully set up. If these steps have been fully completed then the entries in the Bank Ledger should be showing in the Reconciliation screen waiting to be matched to your bank statement. Check your dates as well.

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    Hi Alwyn, 

    I have been set up for over 5 years and never run into this issue. Dates, etc. are correct, it shows the first entry I made but none of the rest. And yes I did confirm they were entered into the correct account and yes the dates are correct

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    I have not heard of or seen this problem before, so I am guessing at what might trigger this action in Sage 50. It is not suppose to make a difference, but how did you make the entries: using the General Journal or A/P Module or A/R Module or a combination of all three?

    This sounds like one that should be raised with Sage Support if you are running a current version of Sage 50. If you are using an older version there may be a charge. 

    Just trying to help a fellow user.