Bank Reconciliation


I am brain-dead this morning. 

I have a new client, set up the Sage 50 for the first time, and have done several bank reconciliations for the current year starting with Apr1/23 as the first bank rec. 

Client now wants me to do the previous year - I have entered the April 2022 transactions, then unchecked the bank reconciliation tab, then recheck it to save, and now attempting to start bank rec at Apr1/22.

There is only one outstanding chq left from previous year dated Mar26/22 which I had to manually insert the one outstanding chq of 2000.00.

So I entered:

6758.44 Apr1/22 beg bank stmt balance and the

6791.16 Apr30/22 ending bank stmt balance.

- 4758.44 Discrepancy as a negative number

But unable to get discrepancy to 0.00 and outstanding is at 4791.16.

April 1-30 2022 transactions totals to 32.72 credit

What am I missing?