Several bank accounts not showing in 'Bank account'


I've set up several bank accounts in my chart of accounts but not all appear in 'Bank Accounts'. How do I get all the bank accounts to show in 'Bank Accounts:.  I want to move away from manual bank reconciliations at month end.

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    Hi  ,

    Thanks for reaching out. To ensure all your bank accounts show up for easy reconciliation, you might need to enable them in Sage Bank Feeds, if you haven't done so already.

    Here's a quick guide to check and change the status of your bank accounts:

    1. Go to the Home window, click on the Setup menu, then select Settings.
    2. Under Company, choose Bank Transactions.
    3. There, you can click 'Enabled' beside the bank account to switch it to 'Disabled', or vice versa.

    Remember, disabling an account won't affect already downloaded transactions.

    To have an account appear for bank reconciliation:

    1. Close all windows except your Sage 50 Home window.
    2. Open the Chart of Accounts.
    3. Access the bank account you wish to manage.
    4. Go to the Reconciliation & Deposits tab.
    5. Put a checkmark on 'Save Transactions for Account Reconciliation'.
    6. Click Save and Close.

    These steps should make your bank accounts appear for reconciliation and help you move away from manual processes. For detailed guidance, you can visit the Sage Knowledgebase articles here for enabling/disabling bank accounts and here for preparing an account for reconciliation.

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