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We began creating report layouts in business intelligence which is working out really well.  The only problem is the layouts are only local on the client computer they were created on and don't show up on other user's machines.   We create reports in accounting that other users in the office need access to.  Are we missing something?

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    guess what I thought was an automatic for a custom report to be created in the reports folder isn't so

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    When you save a layout, 2 files will be created in BI_Layout folder in your data folder.

    For example: if you layout is saved as "Total Sales", in the BI_Layout, you will see 2 files:

    BUSINESS    SHIS00BTotal Sales.chart

    BUSINESS    SHIS00BTotal Sales.xml

    The first 12 characters is the user ID.

    If you want to to copy the layout to another user, you can make a copy of these 2 files and change the User ID to the new user ID. If the user ID is less than 12 characters, you need to add more spaces so that it will be 12 characters.

    For example: if user ID is STEVE:

    BUSINESS    SHIS00BTotal Sales.chart

    BUSINESS    SHIS00BTotal Sales.xml

    STEVE       SHIS00BTotal Sales.chart

    STEVE       SHIS00BTotal Sales.xml

    Both BUSINESS and STEVE will see the custom layout.

    Hope this helps,


    Cat Nguyen