How to move data from Sage 50 to Sage Accounting version


My business only requires basic book keeping so the basic accounting program fits perfectly.  I can't seem to move my data/info from Sage 50 desktop to the new basic accounting program.  Sage says I should upgarde but don't need an upgraded program for basic stuff.  Any help, suggestions, fixes?

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    Please advise the specific version and edition of Sage 50 you are currently using and the one you wish to use. The Basic edition has not been available since 2007 when the name changed to PRO. More specific information is required to be able to provide the help you are seeking.

    You may also be looking at moving from Sage 50 to Sage Business Cloud Accounting. If this is the case then the conversion is not straight forward but can be done with assistance of a Sage expert. 

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    It is the later and help from Sage supporrt has been less than great. They say I can't migrate for the business cloud accounting and must upgrade to do this. I only need basic accounting for solo preneur.  Am open to someone offering remote access to fix/help and get this sorted out.

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    Sage Business Cloud Accounting has a forum of its own where the users of that program may be able to help you directly. I know that there is a way to transfer/convert up to two years of history from Sage 50 to SBCA.

    One of the moderators will transfer this thread once they see it.

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    Thank you for responding and providing some insight.  I look forward to a moderator jumping in to help.  I am also open to non-Sage products that are less problematic so if anyone has suggestions for basic book keeping needs, other options would be greatly appreciated.  

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    Hello ,

    Your account shows you purchased Sage Accounting Start. In order to use the Sage Migration tool to seamlessly migrate your data from Sage 50 to Sage Cloud Accounting, you'll need to upgrade to Sage Accounting Plus. I understand you are happy with the Sage Accounting Start, so it's not worth it for you to upgrade.

    In that case, you'll need

    1. to reconfigure your chart of accounts and bank accounts in Sage Start,
    2. and then you can bring your data over via manual Imports, using our CSV Templates.
    3. Finally, you can then enter your opening Balances and start using the system

    Here are a few articles to assist you with the process.
    Create or edit a ledger account

    Add and manage bank accounts

    Import customer and vendor contacts

    About opening balances

    If you need further assistance, please contact our support team via chat.

    Thank you for using the Sage City community.