How can I create a backup copy to send electronically to my auditor?

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    Thank you for reaching out. If you're inquiring about Sage 50 Canada, the desktop application allows easy creation of Backups and also an Accountant's copy of data for year-end entries. These can then be merged into your live file.

    However, if you're referring to Sage Business Cloud Accounting (Sage Accounting online software), creating a single backup file isn't directly possible. But there are several methods you can use to create a copy of your entries:

    1. Automatic Saving to Google Drive: You can set up Sage Business Cloud Accounting to automatically save copies of your Invoices, Quotes, and Sales Credit Notes to your Google Drive account. However, remember that only the documents created after you've set up the Google Drive connection will be saved. More about Google Drive connection

    2. Export Reports: You can generate and export reports of all your entries, journals, and more. All these reports can be accessed from the 'Reports Tab'. Each report offers an 'Export' option, allowing you to download it as a PDF or CSV file. How to export data from Sage Accounting

    3. Audit Trail Report: This report provides a comprehensive record of everything in Sage Business Cloud Accounting, even including deleted entries.

    4. Exporting Invoices, Listings, and More: For items like Quotes, Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, and Credit Notes, you can open and save them as PDFs. Similarly, listings from various activity tabs (Sales, Expenses, Contacts, etc.) can be exported as CSV or PDF files. Note, for PDF exports, you're limited to selecting a maximum of 15 documents at once.

    To effectively send a copy to your auditor, you might consider exporting the necessary reports and documents, then consolidating them in a compressed (zipped) folder to email or share electronically.

    If your question is specific to Sage 50 CA, I recommend posting in the Sage 50 CA General Discussion forum. This will allow other Sage 50 CA users to see your query and share their insights. Hope this helps.

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