What are the business benefits of AI?


AI has always interested me. However, I am not sure how AI could benefit my business. Has anyone used AI within their company and could give me a little more advice? 



  • Hi Joanne 

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like having a super-smart helper for businesses. It’s a fancy way of talking about computers that can do things that usually only humans can do, but they can do them well and fast. Just like your smartphone’s voice assistant can answer your questions or play your favourite music, AI can do similar things for businesses.

    AI can make tasks faster and easier. Let’s say you work at a big company, and you must read through a ton of emails to find important information. AI can scan through all those emails super quickly, pick out the important stuff, and even order it neatly for you. That saves you a lot of time and helps you stay organised.

    In the list of “jobs to be done” by accountants, there’s no negotiating over compliance related work. The accounting team can’t postpone an audit to make time to evaluate a potential acquisition. There’s no give on tax filing deadlines.

    Any time and resources devoted to strategic work can only follow the required work. Automating these non-negotiables naturally frees time for more strategically valuable work. Equip accountants with LLMs, and not only will they have more time for this work, but they’ll also have an invaluable, hyper efficient research assistant that can analyse massive amounts of information and structure coherent, with professional presentations of the results.

    In a nutshell, AI is like a smart helper that helps businesses make better decisions, work faster, understand customers, talk to people, and even fix problems. It’s like having a team of super-smart robots working behind the scenes to make sure everything run smoothly and everyone’s happy.

    If you have any further questions please ask.



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    Thanks Aaron, that is really useful advice!

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    Great advice Aaron, especially the fact that it helps the businesses to make better decisions faster.  

  • Totally get your curiosity about AI for business. I dipped my toes into AI tools for sales recently, and it's been a game-changer. From streamlining processes to boosting customer interactions, the possibilities are exciting.

  • Great comment, sounds like AI is working fantastically for you.