Transfer of accounting and payroll to SAGE

Dear Sage

I am hoping to find out some information to help move my accounting, payroll and project costing into the 21st century !

Currently my company uses a system by Integrity, which we have found to not only be overly expensive, but very difficult for our staff to operate, especailly when recruiting new staff.

For this reason I am considering SAGE, to try and make the process more streamlined for our office manager as well as reducing the huge amount of physical paperwork we are currently having to process (yes we still use carbonised paper!)

So far I have been consdering the following products:

  1. The Cloud based Sage system (which I've been advised by my accountant would suit our business model best).
  2. Sage 50 professional , which includes Project Costing, which we require for Job Costing (our business is highly project based for individual customer needs, being in the heating, electric and plumbing industry.). It's my understanding that the cost of the system “starts from” £186.00 + vat per month?
  3. Sage Payroll, as we currently have up to 5 employees. I would also like to know the ease of increasing to larger staff packages as i continue to employee new staff this year. I believe this costs approximatley £20.00 + vat per month.
  4. My accountant has advised me to confirm how CIS is dealt with on Sage,  as well as confirming that the external accountant’s access to your product is free of charge?

Ideally if there is someone who can talk to either my office manager, or, accountant, and help me understand our requirements, the services you can provide and the training to make the change as seemless as possible, i would be greatly appreciative.

My contact number is 01392 825930

Thank you for your help in advance, 

Kindest regards

Ketih Sprague