Copying invoices - nominal/department codes?

Hello, all,

I am trying to find a way of improving the process by which I produce invoices for fees, which entails producing 350+ invoices with identical line items/costs for each academic term. Currently, the fees/any additional costs are entered as Free Text items, and then for subsequent invoices, I will simply copy from one prior and then enter nominal/department codes separately.

Is there a way of preserving the nominal/department codes when copying from a prior invoice so that I do not have to enter them manually for each line item on each invoice? Or some way of setting up invoice items that will automatically have the designated codes filled in when selected?

Many thanks.

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    when copying an invoice, the Nominal/Department details are taken from the customer record. It looks at the default Nominal Code in the Trading tab of the customer record. 

    When testing this and changing this default nominal, then copying an invoice, it then picks up this new default nominal code. 

    Hope this helps :) 

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