Receiving proforma payments in foreign currency Sage 200


We issue a lot of proforma invoices to overseas customers whose accounts are in USD and EUROS.

In Sage 50 I was able to enter those payments as they were received via the payment tab of the proforma, selecting the relevant bank / currency from the drop down menu and ticking the box to post it as a payment on account. So, if anyone viewed the sales order it would show the amount already received and the outstanding balance due. When the order was completed and invoiced, a message line would atomaticlly appear on the invoice stating that payment had already been received and zero balance remained outstanding. 

Now that we have moved to 200 I'm being told I can only do something similar when payment is received in GBP. You apparently cannot set up Payment Methods in foreign currencies. That seems a bit rubbish. 

Does anyone have a work around for this? 

In general I'm finding lots of limitations in 200 compared with 50, feeling a bit miffed that it's sold as an upgrade when the reality for me so far is that I've lost basic functions which are essential to our business. Moving "up" the product ladder should surely never reduce the functionality... perhaps that's a naive view from a non techy person?