Sage 200 - multiple languages


Hi, I already have Sage 200 running on a server in the UK and our head office in Germany are considering moving from SAP to Sage.

I have the idea they could be set up in our sage (new company) and access our server via RDP connection as we have a company VPN structure operating.

My main questions are as follows.

  1. Can Sage cope with a new company being set up using a different currency to our existing company, so let's say Company01 is in GBP and Company02 is in Euros?
  2. Then can Sage be set up so that Company01 is displayed in English and Company02 is displayed in German, mabe this can be achieved by setting the default language on the server for the user logged in?

Thank you in advanced for any information.

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    You can certainly run the different companies in different currencies.  However, I don't believe changing the language setting on the server to German will affect the application.  The screens will still show in English.


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    There are no language settings in Sage200.  Its designed for the UK and Irish markets, though it can be used in other countries.  Bigger packages like X3 can have different languages.

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    Hi Lee,

    We have technology that can assist in the remote connections directly to the SQL instance.  We already have some multi-nationals running their Sage 200 db's in the cloud with users connecting from various countries to the same db through an internet connection, without VPN or RDP. 

    The technology has been tried and tested on security and data integrity by some clients (including a client connected to our local banks). 

    Let me know if you want to check it out.  We can setup a test with you.