User-Specific Email Configuration Issue on Sage 200 Pro using Send reports and documents by email

Hi Everyone,

We have a client using Sage 200 Pro. Previously, they accessed Sage through Remote Desktop on a local server, where they had configured the "Send Reports and Documents by Email" feature individually for about 6 different users. This setup was functioning correctly.

However, after migrating to a new server, They still Remote Desktop on the local server, but it appears that these users can no longer set up their own email configurations in Sage. Instead, the system defaults to using the main user’s email account for all.

I've consulted the following guide: Sage 200 Professional - Email documents and reports, but found no mention that the email functionality is supposed to be configured per computer rather than per user.

Could anyone provide advice on this issue?

Thank you!

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    As far as i know, the behaviour has not changed.  it should still be per user.

    if the users login to sage does it show their name in the bottom left hand corner or does it show the same name for each user?

    The only other thing i can think is that for some reason outlook is not using the correct profile when starting, and is always loading the same profile for each user.