Customise your Sage 50cloud Accounts

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Sometimes little things can make a big difference. Did you know that you can customise the appearance and options in your Sage 50cloud Accounts to make things that little bit easier?

Hide what you don't need

There are hundreds of great features in Sage 50cloud Accounts but let's be honest, there are probably some that you just don't use. Make it easier to find the options you do use, by hiding the ones you don't. With a simple right click on column headings and toolbars you can choose exactly what options and data you see, and you can change this as often as you want. Read more >

When you view your accounts transactions are deleted transactions getting in the way? You can easily hide deleted transactions from activity windows and reports so you get a clear picture of what’s making up your balances.

If you have a similar problem with old records cluttering up your lists, you can also hide any inactive customer, supplier and other records so you only see what’s current.

Make your record lists easy to work with

If you work with large lists of records, make them easier to read by adding gridlines in each module. You can go a step further and also brighten up your day, by adding alternate row colours.

Have you ever struggled to select multiple records in your software? If you're familiar with how you select multiple files in Windows, using Shift and CTRL, you can make your Sage 50cloud Accounts work the same way with the Windows Selection Style option.  If you prefer to select records by clicking them individually, no problem, just opt for the Sage Selection Style instead. Read more >

Add custom fields unique to your business

No matter how many fields you have in customer, supplier and product records, there may be something you want to record that's unique to your business. Of course you could store the data in another field, but then you need to remember which field you've used. Avoid any confusion by using custom fields - fields you can rename and use for anything you need.

Why not give these a try? You might be surprised at how much time you can save.