Sage City Ideas Board Drives New Features and Improvements in v28.1

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Sage 50cloud Accounts v28.1 features a large selection of features that were requested directly by customers through the Sage City Ideas Board.

The Ideas Board is an online forum where you can suggest features and improvements and vote for other suggestions.

Check out the Ideas board here >

Some of the key features and improvements that came directly from the board are outlined below

Open more than one company simultaneously

Until now, you could only open one copy of Sage 50 Accounts at a given time. In v28.1, users with a multi-company licence can open more than one company simultaneously. Read more >

Remember user logon credentials

The Log on window now has a ‘Remember my logon details’ option. This is useful when you process multiple companies and switch between companies regularly. Read more >

Create users with read only access

In Settings > User Management > Users, there’s a new user type of Read-only. This user types can have the same granular access and Remote Data Access as the traditional user types. Read more >

Paste multiple lines into address fields

In previous versions, to copy and paste an address into Sage 50 Accounts records, you needed to paste each line into the address field, line by line.

A new icon next to each address field now allows you to paste in a multi-line address. Read more >

Mark supplier invoices as disputed when posting

The dispute process has been integrated into the Batch Supplier Invoice window. Read more >

e-Payments available for batch supplier payments

In Sage 50 Accounts you can pay suppliers individually, using Supplier payment, or as part of a batch within Batch supplier payment. In previous versions, e-banking can only be used for payments made individually in Supplier payment.

Batch supplier payments now has a new option to ‘Create an e-payment for suppliers configured for BACs/SEPA’. Read more >

File import supports the creation of multi-line transactions

You can now use File import to import transactions which contain a single header and multiple splits. In Data Import there’s a new ‘Audit Trial transactions – Grouped’ option and help option explains how this feature works. Read more > 

For a full breakdown of everything included in v28.1, you can view and download the release notes here >

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  • Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your comments, and I'm sorry Sage 50cloud Accounts may not be the ideal solution for your business. We do try to develop new features that appeal to a broad customer base...

    I wondered if you'd considered moving to Sage Accounting as an alternative to Sage 50cloud Accounts? You can read more about it here and chat online to an expert if it's a move that might interest you, that page also has a feature comparison between Sage Accounting and Sage 50 Accounts. 

    There's a service available to switch your data over to Sage Accounting and an induction Webinar to get you started.

    Thanks again for visiting the blog and sharing your thoughts.



    Sage UKI

  • I am sure these extra facilities are most useful to the customers who have requested them.  But you have completely forgotten the micro business where these features are not required, yet we have to have them as we are on the drip feed subscription.  I many years ago, purchased sage basic - because that was what I wanted, no frills, yet over the years I have been migrated on the 50cloud, which I don't want, yet unless I change my accounting package there is nothing I can do about it!  Very frustrating.