Work smarter, easier and together with Office 365

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There’s a lot of information already available about Microsoft Office 365. You’ll read statements that it helps increase your productivity, improve communications, encourages team collaboration, supports growth, and helps to safeguard against risk. But what does all of this really mean to you?

One of the major benefits of Office 365 is that it enables you to work from any location and also from multiple devices, including PC, tablet and mobile.

When you think about Office 365 there are a number of features that immediately spring to mind, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a number of others. Some you might already be familiar with. You might even have older versions of these programs installed and this is one of the issues that Office 365 resolves. With Office 365 there’s nothing to install meaning that you're always up to date and if your colleagues are also using it then compatibility issues will be a thing of the past.

There’s so much more to Office 365 though. If you’re not already using it, or just want to find out about the features our customers tell us they love, then come along to one of our free webinars. We’ll cover: email; Skype for Business; OneDrive and SharePoint.

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