Working from home with Sage 50cloud Accounts

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The demands of modern working can make it difficult to maintain a good work life balance. Being flexible is key, and this can include ensuring that you can work from home if required maybe at short notice. Getting prepared now will make it easy to switch to home working if it’s required.

Sage 50cloud Accounts has some great software features you can take advantage of to make home working a viable alternative for you and your colleagues, all you need is a PC or laptop and a broadband Internet connection.

Sage Drive

With Sage 50cloud Accounts, Sage Drive can be used to connect  to your accounts data from anywhere with an installation of the software and a reliable Internet connection, so you’re no longer tied to the office when you want to work on your accounts. You can share a copy of your accounts data securely in the cloud then you and your colleagues can access and update the data from remote locations using the Internet.

Find out how to get up and running with Sage Drive with our dedicated Help Centre >

Scheduled backups

Sage 50cloud Accounts features a backup manager, which you can use to schedule your backups to run automatically so you don’t need to be in the office to run a backup at the end of every day. Backups can run in the background while colleagues are still working in the software and they can even complete when the software is closed. Read more >

Sage Intelligence

With Sage Intelligence you can view and create online financial reports, based on your accounts data, using Microsoft Excel 365. This means you can access and analyse your information anywhere, anytime. Sage Intelligence is a feature of Sage 50cloud Accounts which integrates with Microsoft Office 365. Read more >

Microsoft Office 365

The cloud features of Sage 50cloud Accounts are powered by Microsoft Office 365, these features give you secure cloud and mobile access to your business data, performance, contacts, records, documents and key tasks, anytime, anywhere. If you’re already using Office 365 alongside Sage 50cloud Accounts then Microsoft Teams is a great way to collaborate with colleagues online, and really lends itself to home working. Read more >


If you’re working from home, don’t forget, all the support options offered by Sage remain available, including Webchat, Live Q&A, Ask Sage and telephone-based help. For a guide to your support options, check out the following article >