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Webinar - Reconcile and submit your VAT Return online

In this session you'll learn how to run through the wizard to generate your VAT Return and submit it online.

Join us for a live session on Thursday February 2 @ 2pm

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Not available for the live session? A recording of a previous session is available:

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View the slides from today's presentation:

VAT return Handount Dec 22.pdf

Recent Q&A

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Is it ok to post your Postponed VAT Accounting statement values in here? There are specific tax codes you can use to account for Postponed VAT Accounting. Open the Postponed VAT Accounting article
Why would the VAT Return not agree with the Trial Balance? There could be many reasons why they don't agree, in fact the Trial Balance isn't something we would recommend you reconcile your VAT against as there may be, for example,  non vatable transactions etc affecting the TB balance but not the VATReturn. N/A
Is it possible to add some reports to My VAT Reports, please? The My VAT Reports folder is for any reports you've customised in the VAT Reports area. When you edit a VAT report and save it, the Save As location defaults to My VAT Reports. Open the report editing area of the Help Centre
I have quite a few historic un recociled transactions on our company account, is it ok if I just ignored those historic transactions? Some of them go back 4/5 years. thank you. If you're happy that the historic transactions have been included on a previous VAT Return, we recommend you run the return for the older period and select to reconcile them. That way your VAT return can pick up genuine late entries without picking up those older ones. Open the unrecomciled articles before the current period article
How do you make an adjustment as I clicked on that and it told me I needed to set up control account? You need to ensure you have a nominal code acting as the control account for manual adjustments, within Settings > Control Accounts.  Open the Control Accounts article
How do i get rid of old unreconciled items going forward to avoid the list just getting bigger each quarter? The only way to prevent old unreconciled transactions from appearing is to reconcile them in a dummy reconciliation. If you are absolutely sure you want to do this I would highly recommend taking at least one back up, trying the process, ensuring you are happy with the results and if not, restoring the back up. You may also wish to speak to your accountant/HMRC ahead of doing this. Be aware these transactions will be marked as VAT reconciled once this process is done. N/A
I'm new !  Do I get my user id and password through Yes this is issued by HMRC N/A
Hi. My VAT is Feb to April, but my year end is 31st March. Must I keep the accounts open ie not year end, until the VAT return is done? No, you can run year end as an when you are ready. However, you can go the other route and leave your financial year open, continue entering transactions in to the new fin year and run VAT Return. You then just run your year end as and when you are ready. N/A