Irish Ltd Company now selling to UK B2C, How to handle ROS and MTD


Sage 50cloud Accounts Professional V27.2

Setup as a Republic of Ireland Limited Liability company with Irish VAT Rates.

Now selling Business to UK Consumer (excluding NI)

We now need to register for UK vat through our Irish Company as we do not have a UK Ltd company.

How can we have both Irish and UK vat rates in the our Sage 50 Irish company and also complete separate VAT returns

Vat return for Irish Revenue Online (ROS) needs to be completed and filed

Vat return for HM Revenue (MTD) needs to be completed and filed

What are my options?

Thank You.

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    Hi Nilsson,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    You can only apply one regional VAT set up in a single company in Sage 50 Accounts.

    In order to produce a UK VAT Return and an Irish VAT Return, you would need to use two different companies in Sage 50 Accounts. You may already have a multi company licence, but if not, this would involve purchasing a multi company licence for your software.

    All transactions would need to be duplicated in the Irish Company and the UK company using the appropriate tax codes for transactions in each region and using the correct currency values for each region. You may wish to discuss this with your accountant to make sure all of the tax liabilities are applied correctly.

    Sage 50 Accounts looks to the computer's regional settings to determine which settings apply when you open a company, so when using your Irish company you'll need to set your Regional Settings to Irish on the computer, and when you switch to the UK company, you will first need to switch the regional settings to UK before opening the UK company.

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    Hi Andy,

    An interesting solution.

    It might be better to setup a second Sage company acting like a UK branch and enter all GBP customers through it.
    Stock control would need to be sacrificed, but the correct VAT 20% or 0% would be applied automatically to each product, and also all transactions would be in GBP.

    Integrating with a website would make the separating of GBP B2C transactions easier, as you can directly control how transactions enter the Sage GBP company.

    Then each month you can journal the UK branch transactions in batch totals into the EUR business General Ledger.

    The benefits are that MTD would then be available and you get to have GBP general ledger accounts, this being a work around to the General Ledger only allowing a single currency.

    I don't understand what the computer regional settings have on both companies once they are setup. Will you always need to change regional settings?



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    Hi Nilsson,

    It's the regional settings on the computer itself that determines whether UK or Irish features, including the VAT Return, appear in the software you can read a bit more about it in the following article >

    So to operate with Irish settings in the software the computer would need to set to an Irish locale, to operate with UK settings the computer would need to be set to a UK locale.