V18 Supplier Payments

I am not happy with new Supplier Payments on Version 18.

The supplier name and bank are too small on the form. The whole name cannot be veiwed.

Also the cheque format was much  better when writing cheques as it enabled you to copy the written numbers on a cheque.

  • Hi Marie,

    I think you're talking about the supplier payment screen in v28.1 rather than v18? (Correct me if i'm wrong)

    The supplier payment window now uses the same design as the customer receipt / customer refund window. This is to help with usability so all payments are processed in the same way.

    It looks like the supplier name and bank are the same size as the fields on the customer receipt window but can see that it could be extended out. This is something we could look to do in the future, Ideas for improvements to the software can be logged on the ideas board

    Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50cloud Accounts Ideas

    I can appreciate the previous UI helped with writing out cheques, as the software moves on to more modern ways of payments we felt that this made the software look dated and old-fashioned. We did survey 2000 customers prior to these changes and the majority voted in favor of the new style.

    Hope this provides some context

    Kind Regards,


  • in reply to Ian C

    Hi Ian

    Thank you for your response.  Sorry I did mean V28.1.  I will log the supplier name and bank to be extended on accounts ideas as suggested.



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