Migrating from Tas Books to Sage 50


Have installed Sage 50 & am taking call tomorrow to transfer from Tas to Sage, is there anything else I need to do at this time?

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    Hi Andrew,

    I carry out the Tas to Sage 50 migrations, and I have checked tomorrow's calendar and there are no bookings for anyone called Andrew.

    There is not a call to do this either, it just involves the customer preparing their Tas data and uploading their backup for me to migrate during the time booked for the migration.

    A Sage onboarding call can be booked, which is a welcome call with a Sage technician to ensure you are up and running. They can answer any general processing questions to help you get used to the Sage system following your transition from the Tas system.

    Is this the call you are referring to? If so this is not related to any migration of data.

    The following link will take you to the Tas Migration portal:


    This has further links to book a migration slot, it is one slot per company you need to migrate.

    Once you have booked you need to follow the steps on preparing your data and then you need to upload the backups through the MySage data repair centre using the incident reference you are sent following your bookings.

    If you have any further queries I would recommend speaking to the agent who processed your Sage licence.


    William Dunn