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I am currently using the projects module in Sage 50 Professional and linking invoices to each project.  Is Sage able to identify if I am over-invoicing a project by exceeding the quoted price? 

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    Hi Fran,

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    It won't give you a prompt or anything but you can check in the project analysis to wee what you've quoted and billed etc. or run some reports for project profit.

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    Hi FranG,

    Can you let me know how you are linking invoices to each project? Instead are you linking the projects to customers?

    Please guide as I am also looking for an option to link a customer invoice to a project.

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    Hi Fran,

    I have found that if you right click on the columns found within the projects modules, then select "Outstanding to Bill" then this will pull through that column.

    If you have over quoted a client then you will see a "-" figure against the amounts & you can just sort the column by this to pick up all the projects which have gone over the quoted amount.

    That's how I keep on top of it on a daily basis.

    Hope that helps!