Importing Nominal Codes


Hello.  I have created a new company and want to import my own nominal codes from another company.  I have saved the nominal list in excel format but as i am importing i have come to a screen about mapping.  What is this and do i have to do something with it?  If i can skip it now, will i be able to go back to it if i discover i should have done something at a later date?

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    Thanks for using Sage City. 

    During the import process, you are asked to complete field mappings. This is where you match the imported field headings from your Excel file, to the Sage field in the program.

    This is how the program knows what to assign that field to in the Sage program.

    For example, on the Excel file cell A1 may hold the Refn, in the Field Mappings steps you’d map that cell to the Refn Sage Field.

    You can view the guide we have on How to Import Data which details these steps further.

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    Lauren Tremble
    Sage UKI