Sage 50 Crashing When Calculating VAT Return


I am running Sage 50 Professional v28.1

While calculating VAT Return, when progress bar reaches to "Validating Audit Trail VAT Values", after about 80% completion on progress bar, Sage is crashing (program closing automatically).

I am able to run VAT return trouble free in other companies including demo data.

I did run CHECK DATA SEVERAL TIMES, maintenance tools. Even re-indexing of all one by one but no luck.

From VAT menu I am able to pull VAT audit trail reports without an error.

But when running VAT return, Sage crashing itself. I am unable to fix and need technical advise.

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    Hi arazas,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    This certainly sounds like a data problem , especially If the VAT Return works for other companies and demodata. If the Check Data reports advise of errors you may be able to fix the problem using the troubleshooter here >

    ..if the problems persists, I would recommend restoring a backup from a point in time before the issues occurred.


    Sage UKI

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    I have restored a month old backup, vat calculation was happening

    I have then started data entry.

    Now it gives an error "Out of memory", The data check shows normal.


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    Thanks for coming back. That looks a large data set. I would recommend, creating a backup and an archive, there's more about creating an archive here >

    You can then try and remove some of the older transactions using Clear Audit Trail, maybe aiming to keep the last two years or so of data. For steps about running Clear Audit Trail refer here >

    Finally you can try the routines again to test if that resolves the issue.


    Sage UKI

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    verified answer

    The VAT Verification checks are causing that message.

    If you click the "Settings" button within the VAT Return screen and un-tick all the checkboxes and calculate again, it will work without the "out of memory" message.

    Reducing the data as Andy has suggested will resolve it long term.


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    Already archives till year 2021

    Already Clear Audit Trail till year 2021

    It did not helped.

    What IAN CAIRNS has suggested helped. I was able to post VAT in sage.

    But now whats next, is this data going to trouble me for future use of sage? I had terrible last week as sage repeatedly knocked me off. 

    I understand I have large data set, is it not supported in sage 50 ? Should I quit from sage 50?

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    There isn't a limit as such to the number of transactions or records you can use in the software, its more limited by the capabilites of your computer or hardware. 

    The following article shows some recommended limits to keep the software perforning at its optimum level but even these are just guidelines. As you'll see you're well within most of the categories listed, so I don't believe there's any reason for concern. View the article here >


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    The hardware specification and capability is latest and more than sufficient. The server is entirely for sage. 

    I believe the software can not handle more records.

    My invoices are approx 180,000 and transactions all included are 252000 and software is failing.

    It can no longer run any verifications, audits, failing on VAT returns and other calculations making it highly unreliable at this stage. Note that system is fully archived until year 2021.

    Unfortunately I do not rely it any more. I wish I knew these records limits before. 

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    Sage recommends 50,000 invoices or less, in your current data you're 360% over that requirement which will cause significant performance issues.

    Available/usable memory is a fairly complex and technical topic. Sage 50 accounts is a 32 bit application and this means it is limited to 2 Gb of memory regardless of whether there is more than this available on the machine. 

    VAT performance improvements have been made to v29.0, this is due in December which may resolve the issue around Settings however you might find it still crashes due to your current data levels.

    If the system is archived up to 2021, it suggests that in the last 12 months you've posted 252,000 transactions, that is a lot of transactions! It may be that you've outgrown Sage 50 Accounts, I would recommend looking into moving to Sage 200 which will better suit your growing business.

    Sage 200 - Finance & Management Software | Sage UK

    Kind Regards,