Link Tax Codes to different control accounts


Is it possible in Sage50Cloud to link different tax codes to different control accounts.   

At the minute all purchase tax is linked to 2201 Purchase Tax Control Account. 

However some of our transactions are for our French company and I want the purchase tax to automatically go into a different nominal for TVA as opposed to VAT.  I code these invoices to separate tax code (T32,T33 etc).  But i still have to manually journal the amounts each month our of 2201. 

Is it possible to say T1 = 2201,  T32 = 2209  ?

Many thanks


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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    The software uses one Sales Tax control account and one Purchase Tax control account, so unfortunately it's not possible to use a different account by default. The manual journals you describe would be a workaround. You  may want to put this forward as a suggestion on the Ideas Board.

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