Vat return and windows 11



have had a new computer which is windows 11.

since having the windows 11 computer am unable to run a vat return  - when choosing transactions for the vat return the computer either freezes or drops out of sage

can run the vat return on other computers which are windows 10 but not on windows 11 computers

have even tested seperately to clear audit trail down as far as we can and it still wont run on a windows 11 computer.

does anyone else have this issue

was running version 28 and now on version 29 but neither would run on windows 11

many thanks

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    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    Sage 50 Accounts v28 and v29 are both fully tested on Windows 11 so using Windows 11 itself shouldn't cause any problems, although I note it is only the Win 11 computers that seem to be affected.

    I would recommend taking a backup of the data and then re-indexing the VAT records. To do this open File > Maintenance > Reindex. Scroll down and select Reindex VAT Records, then click OK and choose to Compress when promoted. Then test the VAT Return again on one of the affected computers.

    It might also be worth looking at how many split transactions are in the data set, you can check this in Help > About under Data Information, there's some more information about data management that may apply if you have a large data set here >

    I hope this helps. If this does resolve the issue, please click More > Verify Answer.


    Sage UKI