VAT code to use for purchase of goods into England from South Africa



Our company based in England has just purchased some specialist raw materials from South Africa. Obviously no VAT, but I am not clear from the online help which VAT code to use as it is a tradimg expense with a non -EC country



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    Hi Barbara,

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    With any question regarding VAT rates and the VAT Return I would normally suggest checking with HMRC to see what they would expect to see on the VAT Return.

    It's my understanding that you would need to show the value of the purchase on the VAT Return in Box 7 without affecting Box 4 (VAT reclaimed), as such a T0 tax code would achieve that.

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    Many thanks Andy - I did think T0 for the same reasons as you.  I think we will get an invoice from FEDEX with the VAT that HMRC levy on the import at a later stage.

    Thanks again