VAT unreconciled transactions


I have 8 unreconciled transactions on the January to March 2024 VAT return 

that are dated in December 2023.  Why would this be ?  Does it mean there 

will be duplicate transactions ?

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    It's more likely that these transactions were either edited or posted after you last ran the VAT return. You can check this by going to the Transactions screen, but first go to Nominal code 2202 and make a note of the transaction number of the last VAT liability journal.

    Then go to Transactions and run a filter on: No is greater than [the transaction number you noted] And date is less than 1/1/24 And VAT reconciled flag = unreconciled.

    From there you should be able to see the posting date and the editing date, if applicable (if you can't see those columns, right click the black header strip and switch them on)