Returning to work – How is it for you?

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If your workplace has been closed during the Coronavirus crisis you may now be thinking about when to re-open. You may already be back and concentrating to get up and running again quickly.

The world of work has changed for so many people during the pandemic, people have worked from home successfully, when they may never have considered it before, and some people may be understandably reluctant to return to how things used to be.

Tech like Zoom and Teams have been widely used to collaborate online and we’ve all grown familiar with the cry of “You’re on Mute!”.

Lots of businesses are now moving to “hybrid” working with staff enjoying a mix of home and workplace work, maybe this something that works for you?

Sage 50cloud Accounts

Whether or not you've been working on your accounts from home, there are several things you should do to ensure a smooth transition back to your normal accounts processing in Sage 50cloud Accounts. We’ve developed a “Return to work” Hub to take you through a smooth transition back to the office or workplace. Why not take a look now?

Sage 50cloud Payroll

If you’re heading back to the office, you’ll need to take your payroll with you too. To continue processing payroll in the office there are a few steps to take to help it all transition seamlessly. We’ve got a handy guide for that as well.

Sage City Community

Whichever stage you’re at in getting back to the new normal, do you have anything to share with the Sage City Community? What are the pros and cons of going back? Do you have any tips? Feel free to post replies below and share your experience..

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