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I took over the running of the Payroll about a year ago and one thing I have noticed is that using the pensions module to assess pensions it has some employees noted as "opted out" and no pension contributions are given, but the employees are in a pension scheme and do have pension contributions taken.

I suspect that someone who previously ran the payroll directly added them to a pension scheme as opposed to using the pensions module - I have no information as to what happened.  IS there a way to get the pensions module to realise they do have pensions?

I think our 3 year auto-re-enrol is due soon (I can't view the settings as someone else is logged into the payroll program - is there a report to get at them anywhere?) and I'm wondering what will happen: will the module bork with trying to set the same scheme that they already have set or will something else occur?

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    Hi Robert,

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    This sounds as if there were two pension schemes on record and the original scheme was opted out.

    You can put the process date forward to next year, open the record and delete the original scheme. Then, when you run the assessment again, if the newer scheme was auto-enrolled, it should pick up that status.

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