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I'm sorry but it seems I am caught in a never ending vortex of Sage issues and am posting on here so often, whether its payroll or accounts.

So now we are having to do some ridiculous reconnecting to MTD before we can submit a VAT return. This involves receiving a very long code by email which has to be entered in sage before we are told "Congratulations you have re-established the link to MTD". So yes of course I have done all this and the return was eventually submitted. What is this all about? The code seems entirely to do with Sage, not HMRC and the email is from Sage, not HMRC. There is nothing on any HMRC help page which refers to this. I also submit returns through Xero, Quickbooks and Absolute and none of them have asked for this. What is going on as frankly I am really struggling to justify my continued allegiance and recommendation to clients to Sage. I've been with you since the days of floppy discs and swopping programme disks and data disks into an Amstrad but you really testing me now!

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    Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for using Sage City, and apologies for the delay in my reply.

    I wondered if you could elaborate a little on the steps that lead to you requiring the code you mention and maybe some details of the email you receive as part of the process, I'm keen to see if the code is a Sage requirement or HMRC and to look at this process so I can feed back to the relevant people for you. any further detail you could provide would be really useful.


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    Hello Andy

    This happens (sometimes) when we are trying to file a VAT return. It is always for long standing clients, not new clients.

    The email comes from [email protected]

    This is what the message says:

    A request has been made for a new unique code for your Sage product

    This code is now available here. For security purposes, this link is only valid for 10 minutes.

    If the link has expired, you can request another code from your Sage product.

    If you did not make this request, please contact us.

    Thank you for choosing Sage.

    We cannot proceed without doing this. Why?



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    Thanks for coming back Lynne.

    I think it's significant that this seems to be linked to long standing clients and I wonder if it's linked to your stored credentials? I would suggest deleting and setting up your credentials again as detailed in the "Store MTD for VAT credentials" section of this article: Submitting MTD with an Agent Service Account

    I hope this resolves the issue for you.


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    Hello Andy

    Thanks for that but my reference to long standing clients was meant to indicate that these were clients for whom we had already filed a VAT return, as opposed to ones that were brand new to Sage. In one case we had only filed two returns!

    I do appreciate you making the effort to resolve this but I do think that it should not be happening in the first place. I am not having this issue with any other software and the email and link were from Sage only and not from HMRC.

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    I agree Lynne, I think the request is coming from Sage and I believe it's linked to your credentials, I'd be grateful if you could try deleting them and setting them up again and running with it to see if you encounter the same issue. I don't believe you should have to go through that routine repeatedly as you describe I think there is something that's triggering it and I'd like to rule out the credentials first if we can. Thanks for your patience with this.