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I need to correct errors in 2021. I have the historical payslips, however when I've rolled back to the period that needs adjusting two of the employees tax, ni and net pay are different to what is on his payslip for the same period. Does anyone know why this would be and how I deal with it please?


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    Hi Janice,

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    I notice this query hasn't had a community response.

    It sounds like something has changed to prompt those different amounts to calculate. Have you already corrected the error in question? As if you've changed the taxable and/or NIable pay this would return different liabilities and net pay.

    If that doesn't clear it up, check for anything else that's different to when it was first processed. For instance:

    • Is the process date set correctly?
    • Is the employee's tax code correct?
    • Is the employee's NI category correct?
    • Has the taxable or NIable pay changed?
    • Is the correct pay frequency assigned to the employees? 
    • Are the year to date values in the employee record correct? For example, if you rolled back to their first pay period, were there P45 values entered originally which aren't in place now?
    • If you haven't rolled back all payments to correct these employees, are their prior payments still listed correctly in the History tab of their employee record?

    Further to the steps above though, if you're happy that you've processed the employees' pay correctly and everything is entered correctly, the liability that your software calculates now is correct. 

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    John Howells
    Sage UKI

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    Thanks John. It was to do with the RTI file directory. One of your colleagues sorted it over the phone. Thank you.