Leaver not included on FPS despite being selected


After the payroll this month (tax month 12), we had a few irregular employees marked as leavers.  One of them was an irregular employee who had not been paid nor on an FPS for the whole of this tax year.

Even though I selected him, when the FPS was collated Sage dropped him from the list of those to send - he is still marked with no last FPS date.

I have also found an employee who was marked as a leaver a couple of years ago (before I took over running the payroll) and we have now received a tax code change for him for tax year 2023/24 - implying HMRC thinks he still works for us.

I am suspecting that HMRC is thinking the first employee I mentioned, whom I marked as a leaver this month, is still working for us.

Is there a way to ensure HMRC knows about the employee that was omitted from the FPS (and the other employee from a couple of years ago) no longer works for us?

Or will it require direct contact with HMRC?


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    Hi Robert,

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    For the first employee, this suggests the records weren't updated for the leaver in the current tax year. You would need to update the records with 0 pay then mark them as a leaver and then you can send the FPS. The following article may be useful: Process a leaver who hasn't been paid in the current tax year.

    For the second employee I would check with HMRC if the employee still appears to be employed to them. If so, you can follow the same procedure outlined above to process a period with no pay, enter a leave date and send the FPS. If there's a leave date already in the record in Sage 50 payroll then you need to remove that from the Employee record > Employment tab before following the article.

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