System crashing and failing to upload reports and documents

We have read other users comments regarding the system crashing and failing to upload reports and documents forcing you to close sage down and reopen.  This as been an issue for us for over a year and with no outcome of it being resolved.  Sage IT department so far have said it is a environment issue and are unable to advise us further on how to resolve this ongoing problem, our IT department have exhausted all avenues.

We would be very interested in hearing from other users if they have resolved this issue.

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    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    I'm sorry to read of this persistent problem. I'll leave this thread open and see if anyone else in the community has experienced / resolved something similar.


    Sage UKI

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    Hi I'm facing this issue now, on Friday 5th April and today, Monday 8th of April, I'm trying to produce our month 12 P32 report and each time I click on P32 Report in the Links section the software freezes and crashes. 

    Is anyone else facing this issue, do I need to call up to report this, or have someone help?

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    I experience a program crash on a regular, but not predictable or consistent, basis when closing the preview of the pension assessment. It always happens at this same point, but not every time and not to the same payroll data set exclusively. I put it down to a memory or environment issue, but I can't identify exactly what particular set of circumstances - programs open, memory usage, etc. - causes it.

    So far I have just put up with it and re-opened payroll, it is a nuisance but not terminal and does not seem to affect the data integrity. I used to run optimise after it happened, but I don't bother any more as it would be too time consuming to do it every time it happens, as it does regularly.

    Sorry not to be a bit more helpful, but it is a bit of a random occurrence.

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    I also just found that this exact same issue - program crash after closing pension assessment - was reported over a year ago by Susan Bea. I just did a search for program crashes and it came up, so it is definitely a known program.

  • I have this issue with my reports if I select an employee group and run the report it closes the program and i have to relaunch i spoke with SAGE and they advised i delete the employee group then select the employees again and assign to a new group however i tried this but still have the same issue. The reports only seem to work when i select all.