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Hi everyone,

I have a client who has moved from Smart Pension to NEST pension. As its been more than 12 months since all four employees opted-out on Smart Pension, TPR told me they must be re-assessed once again when joining NEST.

I have created a new pension scheme for NEST on payroll, even going through the pensions module settings and ticking NEST as the new default. The issue I am having is, when running the pension assessment module it shows the new NEST scheme in the scheme column (which is correct) however all staff are showing as status 'opt-out' - which it shouldn't considering this is a new pension scheme and not the old Smart Pension one in which all employees opted-out of.

I believe this is down to maybe a setting which I have missed out on, does anyone have the fix for this? I've had a look at the online payroll guides and cant seem to find the fix.


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    Hi Ahad,

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    I notice this query has slipped through without a community response, sorry for the late reply but I thought I’d pop something back to you.

    Adding a new pension scheme won't amend the auto-enrolment status of Opt-out as you found. Due to this status, the pensions module would only enrol these employees if cyclical re-enrolment is due.

    Because the NEST scheme is listed in the scheme column of the assessment it looks like you've manually assigned the scheme to the employees in question - in this scenario that'd be the right way to enrol them into the scheme if they are eligible for auto enrolment. The Opt out status is in the database of your company, so the only way to reset this to allow the pension module to automatically enrol would be to create a new company in your software, which would be a big task when you can assign the scheme manually.

    The Pension Assessment is designed to show the original scheme, so I'd advise you run the Pensions Current report from Pre update reports which is in the Summary category to get your pre update pension values each period, rather than using the values in the Pension Assessment.

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