Sage Cloud 50 and pensions module

We are currently using Sage Cloud 50 with the pensions module but not sure that we are actually using it. The only thing that we are using with regards to pensions is the figures on the Payment Summary reports for employee and employer pension contributions to enter manually in to NEST. Would these figures be on the report without the pensions module?

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    Hi Kyla, 

    The pension module is there to do all the assessing and ensuring the employees are correctly enrolled,  It will also look at your cyclical reenrolment and ensure this is not missed.. 

    It can create the outputs for NEST as either CSV for import or digitally using the PDX (Pension Data Exchange ) service so you don't have to do any work on NEST.  

    If you feel you don't need the module for anything above, then you can do auto enrolment without the module but it does put greater emphasis on you managing enrolments, dates and outputs manually.

    The summary reports you mention will still show employee and employer contributions , and there is also a pensions current report for a little more detail