Pensions Module Setting keeps crashing Sage


Every single time I try to open Pensions Module Settings in Sage 50 cloud payroll, Sage crashes after opening a blank page for a couple of seconds.

I did everything that was told, run as admin, DB-utilities repair, re-install the whole desktop software and still no solution to this persistent problem.

Can someone guide me how I can fix it please.



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    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for using Sage City, and apologies for the delayed reply.

    To get to the bottom of the issue we'll need to narrow down if the problem is environmental, data related or an issue with the program files. To that end I need to ask a few more questions.

    • Do you have any other companies, can you complete the steps in those companies without a crash?

    • Where is your data held, is it local to the PC you work from or is it held on the server? If the data is on the server, does the same issue occur if the data is brought to the local PC?

    • Which operating system do you use?

    If we dig into this a bit more I'd hope we can find a solution.


    Sage UKI