V30 update mandatory

It is 12th March. 6 days ago the year end update was announced with the words 

"We’ve made the software update available early so you can get a head start, before we make it mandatory.
There's no need to wait, you can install it straight away."

It was 6th March back then and we decided that we didn't need to do the update because there is plenty of time and it's not mandatory.

It's now 12th March, day 2 of the weekly payroll processing period and we cannot pay anyone because the v.30 update is now mandatory. For security reasons and because any Sage updates can sometimes crash the server, we need to involve our IT partner to process it and safely reboot the server, after signing every server user out of all systems (including Sales and Accounts)  for an hour whilst this is done. 

Unless there are compelling reasons to do so,  I do not understand why an year end update is mandatory whilst there are still 2 to 3 processing weeks left before payroll year end.

It would be helpful and less upsetting to smooth business running if you could please state when such updates will become mandatory so that we have a date to work towards each time. 

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    Hi Jon,

    Thank you for using Community Hub and for your feedback.
    I'm sorry to hear you are having issues updating to v30, please let us know if we can support you or your IT with the process.

    I understand your frustration with the update becoming mandatory today, given the required involvement of an IT partner for your business.

    We generally make a legislation update mandatory the week following it's release, v30 was released with accompanying communications on Monday 4th March.

    The reasons for this are to ensure our customers remain compliant ahead of the new tax year and that we can offer the best possible customer service across peak season to anybody who needs support or is encountering issues ahead of the changes coming into effect.

    Given the range of processing frequencies and process dates our customers use, including the utilisation of features such as advance pay, it is essential that we take measures to ensure that the risk of processing with incorrect legislation is mitigated.

    We will capture your feedback as part of our Payroll Year End review process so that we may improve our processes and communications with future updates.

    Kind Regards

    Jonny Wright
    Sage UKI