I have two payroll companies & have uploaded the P60's on one company which has over 50 employees but when I try to upload the P60's for the company that has only two employees I get the following error message

Your P60's have not been successfully uploaded and we are unable to update the employer details due to the following errors

Company email is not valid

Similar issues when trying to email them instead - error along the lines that it doesn't recognise the employees email address even though it is correct etc

would still prefer to be able to upload them

Thanks in advance

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    Hi Bernadette,

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    Could you log in to the company with the issue and click Company in the bottom left then Settings towards the top left. According to that error, there seems to be an issue with the formatting of the E-Mail address here.

    Check that:

    • The email address is entered correctly
    • There aren't any spaces before, during or after the email address
    • There aren't any special characters, other than the @ symbol

    If the email already seems to be correct, take note of it then delete it from that field. Enter "[email protected]" then click OK. Click Settings again and re enter the correct email address then click OK.

    Once you've completed those steps, try again to upload the P60s.

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    John Howells
    Sage UKI